Zeke Sunfeather
Expert Martial Artist and Tracker
Expert Martial Artist and Tracker

Zeke was raised in a dwarven monastery dedicated to the service of St. Cuthbert. He was told that his parents had abandoned him there because they could no longer take care of him, and the young human was satisfied with this explanation. For the next decade, he trained in the ways of the martial arts and worship of Saint Cuthbert. However, when Zeke turned sixteen, the dwarves told him the truth - he was the sole survivor of a raid on his village. The monks were on their way back to the monastery when they laid eyes on the carnage. Many of the residents showed signs of being tortured and the only trace of the killers' presence aside from the bodies were black handprints left on the walls. They buried the dead and were about to take their leave when they heard shrill cries. Zeke was found under a collapsed wall, terrified but unharmed, so the monks took him back along with them.

As expected, teenaged Zeke was furious at this revelation and, seeking revenge against his parents' murderers, requested to leave the monastery. The monks were heavy-hearted, yet anticipated his decision, and so trained him in the ways of wilderness survival and tracking murderous beasts. Upon completion of this training, Zeke left the monastery and began following a trail left cold for the past eighteen years. He met the dwarf Valmiki, clergyman of Rao, and - due to their similar martial arts training and his years among the dwarves - the two became fast friends. Eventually, they parted ways and Zeke wandered for the next several years, always searching to bring divine retribution to the unjust. A fortnight ago, he enlisted to guard a caravan with several other adventurers whom he became very close to. When the wagons stopped in Hommlet, Zeke found an abandoned town square to practice his kama forms. After an exhilarating workout, Julie found him and the two went for a walk. While walking, they encountered Renne and her bodyguard, Haunor, closing the town's potion shop. The precocious child heard that the duo worked on the caravan and asked if they had heard news of her father, Spugnoir. Zeke answered in the negative, much to her disappointment. Sympathetic to the cause of a missing parent, the martial artist posed further questions only to be interrupted by Haunor, who whispered that now wasn't the time and he'd answer more questions at the inn. Zeke walked back to the Inn of the Welcome Wench and, along with his new friends, watched a gnomish trickster perform various tumbling tricks and acts of legerdemain. At the end of the show, he introduced himself to them along with his taciturn librarian friend. Thirty minutes later, a very familiar dwarf dashed into the inn; to Zeke's surprise, it was his old friend, Valmiki. Later, Haunor arrived and explained that Spugnoir had last been seen in the vicinity of the Moathouse. A greasy fellow by the name of Unosh had been to the area recently and offered to guide the group there - for a fee. He doesn't quite seem like a trustworthy fellow…

Zeke is a valorous, obstinate man who fights with honor and constantly has his eyes on his goal - to find his parents' killers and exact revenge.

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