The City of Verbobonc
The City of Verbobonc

Proper Name: Viscounty and Town of Verbobonc
Ruler: His Noble Lordship, the Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc

Verbobonc is a city of just under 15,000 people and the capital of the Viscounty of the the same name. While its inhabitants are predominantly human, numerous gnomes reside within its walls as well as an increasing number of elves. Some few dwarves live in Verbobonc, while halflings are somewhat rare. The folk of Verbobonc are a hard-working group of gods-fearing souls.

Verbobonc is also one of the more powerful and influential cities in the Central Flanaess, due to the immense commercial wealth flowing through its gates. Not only does the bulk of the Flanaess' East-West trade pass through via the Velverdyva River, but Verbobonc is also the primary market for precious metals from the Kron Hills as well as rare goods from the isolated elven realm of Celene. Most of its citizens lead healthy, prosperous lives, and their standard of living is remarkably high, surpassed only by Verbobonc's mercantile competitors, Dyvers and Greyhawk City.

As a result of the relatively recent regional increase of evil-spurred unrest, visitors to the fair city of Verbobonc are required to peace-bag or peace-bond their weapons, including the classically twitching fingers of spellcasters. Citizens of Verbobonc are not required to undergo this process, but many still do as a sign of good faith, especially if they have been long away from the city.

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