Tinivias the Eternal
Head Librarian of Hommlet
Head Librarian of Hommlet

Tinivias was born to Arthavor and Corletta Raython in the Free City of Greyhawk. A quiet yet precocious child, he spent endless hours in the library under the careful guidance of his great-uncle Alazar, an aging magewright with his own study in the Raython household. Alazar passed away when Tinivias was sixteen years old. A few weeks later, his older brother was killed in an accident. These two deaths scarred him greatly and he withdrew deeper into himself and his studies. Less than a year later, he fled home and after some time, settled in Crow’s Point in the County of Ulek. The mayor of the town, Lord Akerhev Falkor, took a shining to the young scholar and hired him to run the library adjacent to his castle. He merrily shelved books for two years until his patron died abruptly. His successor, Lord Rhyvos Falkor, was considerably less well read than his father and saw the library as merely land on which to build a barracks. Tinivias protested and Rhyvos issued an ultimatum: Tinivias would either take the books and get out, or they would be burned along with the building.

He used his life savings to have the entirety of the library shipped to the town of Hommlet. A week later, the teamsters cracked open the first crate only to find Tinivias himself stored inside. Elmo was called in to investigate the strange visitor and brought him before the lords of the town, Rufus and Burne. The interrogation proved Tinivias to be innocuous and Berne hired him to run the library of Hommlet… after the building was renovated to hold the thousands of books in Tinivias’ possession. However, as Tinivias spent more time in the town, it became readily apparent that the redhead was not an ordinary librarian. When bugbears raided the village of Hommlet, Haunor went to check on the young librarian. Tinivias and the library were fine, but the bugbear lying on the floor had brain matter leaking from its ears. Tinivias confessed that he had trained for the past decade as a mentalist, a fact that Haunor has kept to himself. During his five-year residence in Hommlet, Tinivias made fast friends with the potionmaker Spugnoir and his daughter Renne. He has also been in contact with the half-elven cleric of Ehlonna, Jennithar. Though he refuses to disclose the extent of his relationship with her, the two are very close.

About a week before the adventure began, he caught Tarquin breaking into the library after hours. The gnome explained that he sought the true history of his parents; his aunt and uncle had told him they were moisture farmers in the Bright Lands, a premise he has regarded with increasing skepticism since he heard it. Unable to resist a good mystery, Tinivias delved into his genealogical archives. While most of the books pertained to the County of Ulek, there were occasional records on other cities such as Greyhawk and Verbobonc. The text on Verbobonc contained a relevant piece of information - a gnome woman gave birth on the same date that Tarquin was born! The male child was unnamed and the mother's name was fake, but it was a start. Tarquin thanked the librarian and was set to depart that night after giving one final performance at the Inn of the Welcome Wench. The plan changed when Haunor came in and declared that Spugnoir was missing! Tinivias was horrified and Tarquin felt that rescuing the potionmaker was the least he could do to repay Tinivias' help. Thus, the duo, along with seven other adventurers and their shady guide Unosh, set off to the Moathouse.

Tinivias is a quiet, well-read man, with knowledge in a myriad of subjects. Though the renovations to the library did include an adjacent three-bedroom residence, he rarely uses it, preferring instead to work and sleep in the library. He has few friends, but the ones he does have are very near and dear to his heart. Despite his limited social interaction, Tinivias speaks eloquently and has been observed by his teammates to be an exceptionally skilled liar. There's no telling what other secrets he may be hiding…

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