The Library
Kids, be quiet in the library... or demons will devour your soul.
Kids, be quiet in the library… or demons will devour your soul.

The Library of Hommlet first started off as a few bookshelves in the house of town sage, Todariche Nem. The elderly man desperately desired company, so he allowed basically anyone who expressed an interest in the written word to enter his home and partake of his literature. He would even loan out the books, provided that the petitioner was particularly trustworthy. Todariche passed away of natural causes in 589 CY and he had no kin to keep the makeshift library open. His house was repossessed by the town, leaving the scholars and precocious children of Hommlet brokenhearted. Two years later, a strange man was found in one of dozens of crates. Elmo and his men inspected the boxes for contraband, but only found thousands upon thousands of books. Rufus and Burne interrogated the newcomer and after deciding that he was merely an eccentric young man on the run from his old boss, the lords of the town hatched a plan. They offered Tinivias Nem's house and in return, he would take charge of the library that the duo was going to build (with funding from Tinivias of course). Six months later, construction was completed and the library was open for business. Pasted at the front entrance are two beautifully hand-carved wooden signs bearing the following text: "Be quiet in the library or demons will devour your soul" and "Unattended children will be sold as slaves". Parents have criticized the master librarian for being too harsh, but since the day the notices were posted, the study environment has remained peaceful and no children have been left at the library (not since the incident with young Garrick, at least). The library is staffed by a single man - its owner - though Tinivias has been known to throw some money Haunor's way if he goes away or during particularly tumultuous incursions on the town.

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