The Inn Of The Welcome Wench
Inn of the Welcome Wench
Inn of the Welcome Wench

Ostler Gundigoot opened the Inn of the Welcome Wench shortly after the Battle of Emridy Meadows more than twenty years ago. In the old days, he was an important figure both in the militia and in general town administration. The Inn of the Welcome Wench quickly grew in reputation as a place of great comfort and quality, but one whose patrons should expect to pay well for the excellent service and fine food and lodging.
Nowadays, Ostler takes it easy, while his daughter, Vesta, runs the day-to-day activities of the inn, maintaining the same quality and fair-minded practices that her father established when it first opened. She is exceedingly friendly and warm, making the inn a welcome and homey place for all.

Sample menu:

Full Meals Price
Beef stew 4 sp
Boiled crawfish 4 sp
Poached salmon 5 sp
Spiced sausages 5 sp
Stuffed pork chops 5 sp
Stuffed trout 5 sp
Steak & kidney pie 5 sp
Marinated mutton chops 6 sp
Roast goose 7 sp
Venison steak 7 sp
Squab-stuffed pheasant 8 sp
(All full meals served with bread and honey,
potatoes, and string beans, yams, rum-boiled
artichokes, cabbage, carrots, or spinach.)
Light Meals Price
Peppered bread 8 cp
Oatmeal 1 sp
Boiled eggs 2 sp
Fruit and cheese 2 sp
Beverages Price
Beer 2 cp
Beer, heavy 3 cp
Ale 4 cp
Ale, spiced 7 cp
Mead 1 sp
Mead, special brew 14 cp
Wine, table 8 cp
Wine, Keoish golden 15 cp
Wine, Sundish lilac 4 sp
Wine, Urnst white 5 sp
Wine, Celene ruby 8 sp
Wine, Furyondian emerald pale 1 gp
Wine, Velunan fireamber 3 gp
Brandy, Renton Reserve 5 sp
Brandy, Keoish 1 gp
Brandy, Urnst, aged 3 gp
Liqueur, Ulek Elizer 5 gp
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