Tarquin of Kron, Knight-Exarch of Veluna
Fey Trickster, Knight-Exarch of Veluna
Fey Trickster, Knight-Exarch of Veluna

Tarquin arrived in Hommlet about a fortnight before the start of action. He has been entertaining people in the streets with amusing acts of juggling and acrobatics, and games of chance involving colored peas shifting beneath walnut shells. He seems to be very skilled in the manipulation of small objects, and can make coins or sweets seem to appear out of children’s ears and noses.

Tarquin has established friendly relationship with Elmo, who seems to be the town sheriff or peace officer. He enjoys the occasional Gnome Ale and can be found in the evenings at the bar of the Inn, talking to travelers and visitors, such as the mysterious in-his-cups Xaod. He has also met the sage Tinivias who maintains an interesting library of lore on a variety of topics, historical and otherwise.

Tarquin was caught sneaking into Tinivias' library late one night to do surreptitious research on the gnomes of the Kron Hills and beyond. The friendship with Tinivias and the chances of finding something useful and entertaining in the stacks of the library have kept Tarquin in Hommlet for longer than he expected. Tarquin's plan to move on toward the fabled city of Verbobonc has been delayed by the arrival of a band of strangers on a recent merchant caravan.

Tarquin was raised in the gnome community of the eastern Kron Hills by by his aunt and uncle, and has come to doubt the stories that they told about his parents having been moisture farmers from the Bright Lands.

He wears a thin, shiny rapier at his side, that has not often been seen in action. He has been observed to use a sap to subdue the hostile Unosh for questioning.

After dropping out of sight for some time, last seen in the rustic village of Hommlet, Tarquin has recently reappeared to the civilized world in the city of Mitrik, capital of the Archclericy of Veluna. With a mixed-race band of companions he has recovered the body of Prince Thrommel from the Temple of All Consumption.
The grateful Canon of Veluna has restored the Prince to life and robust health for the long-delayed wedding of Prince Thrommel to the very grateful Spinster-Princess Jolene.

Tarqlet in pewter form!
Tarqlet in pewter form!

Stats (High to low): Dexterity, Charisma, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Strength.
As a Whisper Gnome, Tarquin is short compared to Big People. His height is 3’6” and weight is 40 lbs.

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