Rufus and Burne
Rufus (right) and Burne (left)
Rufus (right) and Burne (left)

Rufus and Burne are the lords of Hommlet. They go back a long while, to a time when they themselves were adventurers. Along with Otis and the mighty mage Tenser, Rufus and Burne led an army against the dastardly Robilar who released a demoness from the Temple of Elemental Evil. They were rewarded jointly for their many adventuring successes by the Viscount of Verbobonc. The duo built a castle, completing construction in 581 CY.

While Rufus is a man of action, Burne is more reserved, often working in his laboratory on one experiment or another. Despite their opposing personalities, the two are loyal friends. Together, the two have watched Hommlet grow into an era of prosperity.

(Rufus and Berne are just friends. Anyone who intimates otherwise will be punched in the mouth. You've been warned…)

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