Ochre Robed Clerics
The embodiment of evil... and poor fashion sense.
The embodiment of evil… and poor fashion sense.

Servants of the Elder Elemental Eye, bringing with them gnolls and human mercenaries, came to the Moathouse from the Temple of All Consumption in search of dark artifacts. Two of their number were devoured by the blue dragon who hoped to make the Moathouse into his lair. The others fled deeper into the dungeons where the dragon could not follow. A third female priest faced off against the adventuring party that sought to rescue Spugnoir, but was captured and bound. Alazen called upon the power of Al'Akbar to read her thoughts and learned of their nefarious scheme. When she proved to be no longer of use, Tinivias put her out of her misery. While searching the priests' living quarters, Tarquin opened a chest and found a journal written by a man named Geynor Ton, presumably one of the ochre robed clerics. It is likely that he is still alive, for three priests still lurk in the dungeon, advancing the will of their dark master. Perhaps his writings can shed further light on this nefarious scheme…

Another enclave of nefarious clerics hid themselves in the basement of a Hommletian flour mill, but were handily defeated by the valiant band of heroes. Tarquin picked the lock on a chest and found a missive from Hedrack, possibly a priest from the reputed Temple of All-Consumption.

These clerics are the (dwindling) allies of the deceased Chatrilion Unosh. Their trademark wardrobe is an ochre-colored vestement and they carry unholy symbols bearing the emblem of the Elder Elemental Eye.

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