Missive from Master Hedrack

Master Dunrat,

You have been given a great honor, for it has been decided that you will lead the expedition to uncover the artifacts sacred to our Great Master. Take heed of the following instructions and do not waver from our Holy mission.

You are to travel to the village of Hommlet, a small, yet burgeoning, protectorate of the Viscounty of Verbobonc. There, you are to establish a base of operations from which you shall preside over the excavation of the nearby ruined moathouse. The moathouse once served the great Temple of Elemental Evil in the times when it was first created. Beneath the moathouse lays an ancient shrine to our Dark God, and within it should lay powerful artifacts.

Find the shrine, retrieve any artifacts and then seal the shrine once again.

A wagon can be retrieved from Tal Chammish, in the nearby village of Rastor, to haul whatever you find back to the crater.

After this, set your sights upon the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Our agent, Undra, has been reconnoitering the region around the old Temple for a short while now. Seek her out, and discern what information she has gleaned. Learn as much as you can of the Holy Place, and retrieve whatever you are able from the ruins. Though the Old Temple surely still holds many secrets, it is likely that they were well buried after the incident which shall not be mentioned.

Master Thaque and the priests Gaynor Ton, Festrath, and Ysslansh (of the New Earth Temple), as well as a few other clergy and some gnoll brutes, will be in your charge. They, as well as your usual cohorts, should be sufficient for success. Master Thaque should be sent to do the bulk of the investigating, while you cultivate our networks in Hommlet and prepare for the coming events.

Take care that you do not misplace this missive, for it allows some measure of communication with me should the need arise. May our Dark Lord guide you, and see us to victory!

Master Hedrack

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