Mephista Thalyndor
Elven Duelist
Elven Duelist

Mephista was born to Sir Silvanus and Lady Morgana Thalyndor in the elven city of Enstad. She grew up with her elder brother, Lucian, who became a squire to one of their father’s close allies. Mephista decided instead to follow in the swashbuckling tradition of her mother and began taking lessons with Velle Tura, an old friend of the family. Mephista was also an astute child, constantly delving into linguistic texts and practicing on her flute. Despite, her idyllic noble lifestyle, the young elf was plagued by strange dreams of a mysterious dark figure. Mephista could not tell the person’s race or even their gender, but she was filled with fear at the sight of the creature and dreaded that the two were destined to do battle. Aside from this recurring nightmare, she had a relatively normal childhood… until her friend disappeared on a cold night during the peak of Brewfest celebrations. Distraught, Mephista demanded to leave Enstad at once to find her. Her parents initially refused, but in time succumbed to the will of their headstrong daughter. To ensure her safety, Morgana gifted the budding swashbuckler with several heirlooms from her own adventuring days; a large feathered hat that allowed the wearer to change her appearance at will and a cloak that bolstered the wearer’s defenses. Additionally, Velle Tura gave her student a runed rapier emblazoned with the Thalyndor family crest as a reward for completing her training. Mephista gratefully accepted these gifts, bade her family goodbye, and then struck out in search of her childhood comrade.

However, what coinage Mephista had brought with her soon ran out and she was forced to hire out her services as a mercenary. It was during these decades of being a blade for hire that she learned several of the more monstrous tongues including gnoll, orc, and goblin. She always kept an ear perked for any news of her friend while eking out her living. There were few leads and those Mephista could run down were always dead ends, but she never gave up hope. She continued to dream of her mysterious opponent, and over time, became adamantly convinced that he and her friend were connected in some way. Mephista was always a loner in her work, but that soon changed when she came across a small wolf cub in 593 CY. Its mother had abandoned the poor creature in the woods and it would have died if not for the elf’s intervention. The duo continued through traversing through the Welkwood and wound up in an outlying town of the Gnarley Forest. Just as Mephista was lamented how dull this outpost was, a caravan fortuitously came through the town, seeking hired swords to safeguard its passage to Hommlet. Over the weeks, she fought off many goblins and made several fast friends, including the half-elf priest Alazen. Upon arriving in Hommlet, Mephista and Fang decided to stay on a while. She has made her acquaintance with several denizens of the town, mostly those of elf blood such as Jennithar and Yundi, both of who have warned her to stay clear of the teamsters.

Mephista is a flamboyant yet intelligent elf with a noble bearing. She speaks eight languages aside from her native tongue. She and Fang have adventured together for three years, though the damage brought to bear on the young wolf has forced Mephista to consider sidelining him for his safety. Hopefully, her continuing adventures with the group will allow her to find her friend, along with the mysterious figure that haunts her dreams…

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