Seen here with the last guy to turn her down...
Seen here with the last guy to turn her downโ€ฆ

Luda is a mysterious half-elven priestess of Nerull. She and Alazen have had a brief, yet poignant, past encounter, but have recently reunited at Tritheriton Square in Verbobonc City. Unfortunately, a dwarven paladin of St. Cuthbert had tailed the duo and promptly took them into custody. While walking back to the temple for interrogation, Luda and Alazen reunited with the party. Their captor took an undue interest in Tinivias and had the entire group escorted into the basement. Once ensconced in the shrine to St. Cuthbert, the paladin accused Luda of attempting to draw away more followers from the path of righteousness. Luda adamantly denied these allegations and explained that she had sought out Alazen because, unlike her superiors in Nerull's organization, she believed that the forces of light and darkness would have to join forces to crush the Temple once more. Zeke, with the aid of his god, realized that she spoke the truth. Telvar - as the dwarf called himself - resignedly agreed with Luda's assessment and sought to have the half-elf transferred into his custody. Once the bureaucratic red tape has been dealt with, the duo should meet the party somewhere in the vicinity of Rastor.

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