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Oh not at all. You'd be surprised how easy it is to assault the minds of some puny drow while disrobing.

If Tinivias is still hoping to parlez or negotiate with these drow, he had better give us a signal or telepathic sign soon,
because Tarquin has no intention of submitting his defenses and possessions to them.

Tarquin will appear to comply for a few seconds, slowly, to the extent of taking out a few objects from pocket and pack;
a wand of this, a smokestick, or a sunrod… as he cautiously walks up to 30' from the nearest two figures.

Its a pity none of us have spell Daylight, or a SUn domain power that duplicates the effect of Daylight, Tarquin muses, looking at Alazen.

So there was a little scene within the church of St. Cuthbert where a paladin of everyone's favorite deity dragged us in for interrogation. While the dwarf was suspicious of Alazen for consorting with a cleric of Nerull, he seemed doubly suspicious of Tinivias and asked several pointed questions including, "Is this man's name Tinivias?" and some details about his family life. Franz, as he was hurriedly named by Tarquin (at Tinivias' behest), gave several answers indistinguishable from the truth… were it not for the power of Zeke's deity coursing through this room. Now he's led to wonder what would possess Tinivias to lie about such innocuous details…

((Zeke was under the effect of a discern lies spell while in the cathedral and noticed Tinivias was lying through his teeth about simple questions like the name of his relatives. He persuaded Tinivias to initiate a telepathic chat and said, "We'll have to talk more about this later…" and the matter was dropped right about there.))

ETA: The summary is in no way an ideal (or even suggested) course of action, but instead is an homage to this webcomic.

Every should have posting privileges now, so, go to!

I'm sure you can find a kiosk or something.

Re: Visiting Verbobonc by sarcasticmastersarcasticmaster, 08 Jul 2010 22:43

I have heard tales and legends of fantastic deeds by a great adventurer called the "Hero of Sandpoint", whose name was given to be Chester Andtherest. Tales tell of this hero and a band of his sidekicks and hangers-on who roam the area rescuing the oppressed from Giants.
According to these stories, they spent some time and maintained a base camp in Verbobonc.
I was wondering if the location of their residence in Verboconc is known, where I might visit them or the caretaker.
I have reason to believe that I may be related by blood to some members of the group and so would like to meet them if I could.

Surely for such a famous group of heroes with local connections, there would be a shrine, local tourist Information Centre, or theme park???

Yours truly
T. Gnomily-Farquhardson

Re: Visiting Verbobonc by TarquiniusTarquinius, 06 Jul 2010 17:21

During your time in Verbobonc, you've gotten a fairly good idea about a number of personally significant things, as well as a fair idea of what might be available for purchase in the city. More investigation and negotiation will produce additional information, of course.

In this thread, I'm hoping to try to smoothly conclude the bookkeeping aspects of your visit, as well as continue to address whatever RP might crop up. I will make the observation that Verbobonc is large enough that it's not unreasonable to expect a fair-to-good chance of being able to find and buy or commission magical items of at most 8,000 gp in value. (This does include +2 magical weapons and armor.) Anything beyond that value is unlikely to be "lying around" available for sale, with the notable exceptions of the items I have detailed heretofore.

For your convenience, I have created a PDF of the various items from the Core Book that may be available for purchase in the City (check your email); in addition to that list, any Potion or Scroll could be found or commissioned (any Potion can be created within the same day it is commissioned, as Potions are capable of holding at most 3rd level spells; the costliest of Scrolls would take 4 days to finish on commission, 5th level and lower Scrolls can be completed on the same day they are commissioned). Additionally, any Wand containing a 1st or 2nd level spell might be obtainable; Wands for 3rd or 4th level spells could be found, but would contain fewer than 50 charges, probably 10 or 20 at most.

As your have experienced today, the shops that cater to the adventuring penchant for magical gear and items are not necessarily cooperative in making the wares they have for sale available or well known. There is a good and legitimate reason for this! Too many magical items on display tends to attract the attention of enterprising "customers" who are more interested in attempting to obtain a five-fingered discount than in any kind of negotiation regarding payment. Magical items that are in Storage, however, are much easier to protect. On a different level, most items possessed by the various stores were obtained in trade rather than purchased or commissioned outright, and thus even while sitting on a shelf gathering dust and going "unsold" do not represent a significant impact to the day-to-day overhead involved in running a business.

It's really much easier for them if adventurers come in looking for items and they can say "Yes" or "No" or sometimes (rarely) "No, but would you like this? It's similar in function…"

Therefore, I do encourage you to take a look at the items on the PDF and the spells in the Pathfinder book, and figure out which of them you might get some good use out of. Also, I believe that Bob has a few "Loot for Less" collections which may offer additional options for "strapped-for-cash" or "bang-for-your-buck" adventurers such as yourselves.


Visiting Verbobonc by Doskious SteeleDoskious Steele, 02 Jul 2010 05:44

Naturally not, given how recently the comic was published.

Tinivias is a name I thought up a few years ago - he was supposed to be a secondary character in my Evil Campaign of Evil™ character's backstory. He was pretty much the same as he is now; a cunning redhead with a serpentine tongue (though in that particular storyline, he was a wizard. Also Neutral Evil). Over time, he evolved into a different sort of character, more neutral, more psionically inclined. After Lou and I showed up to the party with the same character class - obviously one of us would have to go home and change - I was in need of a new character and since I've never actually gotten to roleplay Tinivias, just write about him, I took the idea and ran with it. And that's why Alazen cries himself to sleep every night. :P

As to where I get my names, it's usually just going through name generators until something speaks to me. Sure I make my own tweaks (Tinivias used to be Tinivas I think), and I have cobbled names from scratch, but that's my deep dark secret.

Re: Character Naming by sarcasticmastersarcasticmaster, 12 Jun 2010 09:15

I noticed that as well, and speculated (and still speculate) that the GitP character is potentially derived from the Roman Tarquin.

Of course, all of my characters get their names from divine providence. ^_^

Re: Character Naming by Doskious SteeleDoskious Steele, 29 May 2010 13:22

The existence of this other character named Tarquin had not been revealed when I named my character Tarquin.
I had just read a novel by the English author Tarquin Hall and it reminded me of the Tarquin of early Roman history.

Character Naming by TarquiniusTarquinius, 16 May 2010 03:13

I am available and interested in playing on Monday Dec. 21st
as long as I can dig out of my house from the snowstorm.
Will this be at ToGiT or do we need a different venue for Monday?

So, folks, the next two Thursdays are Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

I have definite Christmas Eve plans, but I am available on Monday evening (the 21st). Sadly, while I thought that I was available on Tuesday the 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd, my schedule has changed so that I am no longer available those evenings.

If anyone is available and interested in a session on Monday the 21st, please let me know (either by reply thread or an email).

Regarding New Year's Eve, it has been expressed that some folks would enjoy a New Year's Eve session. If all of you who are interested in such an event could let me know, that would be great! Similarly, for the sake of thoroughness, please indicate if you would be interested in a session earlier in the week (on the 28th, 29th, or 30th).


Re: Mephista by sarcasticmastersarcasticmaster, 03 Dec 2009 22:15

Your analysis is correct in all accounts, except in that an attack against a Gnoll *standing* in any 'A' space, regardless of when said attack is made, is an attack against a flatfooted target, since the Gnoll must "continue" to balance to keep from slipping on the grease.

Similarly, in the event that a PC found himself facing off against an Orc on a tightrope, the Orc would be flatfooted even while standing on the rope and not moving (such as during the PC's turn), since an Acrobatics check is necessary in that circumstance to avoid losing one's balance. In the tightrope example, the Orc would continue to be flatfooted while standing or while moving on the tightrope, and would cease to be flatfooted after stepping off of the tightrope, and for any subsequent moves that did not take him back onto the tightrope.

It's a much easier thing to demonstrate physically than to describe mechanically, sadly. I may have to have a go at some sort of flash animation…

So in order to achieve a Sneak Attack on said gnoll sliding through the Grease, one must either

  1. have previously readied an attack when enemy gnoll is in or exits any 'A' space, or
  2. be positioned in an adjacent space (such as 'sa') in order to get an AoO on the gnoll as he leaves any 'A2' space (assuming 5' reach)?
A A2 sa
—> A2 A2 B
sa sa sa

Without either one of those interrupt conditions, an attack made on the PC's turn would not enjoy the benefit of a flatfooted target because the gnoll, having reached space B, is no longer flatfooted?
(Not considering any Flanking effects.)

To respond with a continuation of an explicit example (as opposed to a general one), the Gnoll would be flatfooted while inside the Area of Effect of the Grease spell. Once the Gnoll is off of the slippery grease, he no longer has to focus on keeping his balance, and thus is not flatfooted, though he is still flatfooted during the step that leaves the grease. On the grid below, if the A squares indicate a grease area, and someone were to step across the bottom from the left, they would be flatfooted while stepping from A to B, but not if they continued to move from B to • .

| A | A | • |
| A | A | B |

In a more general sense, a creature is considered flatfooted as a result of this aspect of Acrobatics while standing in a square that necessitates an Acrobatics check to balance across, as well as when leaving such a square in a manner that requires an Acrobatics check of this sort. (For example, taking a running leap across the area of a Grease spell would not cause one to become flatfooted so long as one completely cleared the effect.)

When a creature is forced to make an Acrobatics check to maintain his balance (used to be a Balance skill check) as for example when passing through the area of effect (AoE) of a Grease spell, or for whatever other difficult or narrow terrain,
Pathfinder description says in part

While you are using Acrobatics in this way, you are considered flat-footed and lose your Dexterity bonus to your AC (if any).

The duration of this flatfootedness is unclear to me.
Is the creature flat-footed only while inside the area of effect of what triggered the acrobatics check,
or also for some time/distance during the turn after passing through the area?
Is the creature flat-footed only during the time spent inside the slippery terrain, to the end of his turn, or until the beginning of his next turn?
The resolution affects the points in time in combat that an enemy can make an attack against the (temporarily) flat-footed creature.

E.g. If a gnoll were to cross through a patch of greased floor, make an Acrobatics check, then continue his move beyond the AoE to clear ground beyond, which the case?

  1. the gnoll is Flatfooted only while inside the AoE, subject only to an AoO by an adjacent attacker?
  2. the gnoll continues to be flatfooted for the remainder of the move, therefore FF for an AoO during the remainder of the move, but not afterwards?
  3. the gnoll continues to be Flatfooted after his turn ends, up to the beginning of his next turn? In this case he would still be FF during an attack on an enemy's subsequent turn, not requiring a AoO to receive the tactical advantages.

I apologise for subdividing fine points so closely, but it can effect tactical positioning.
an anonymous combatant

Hey guys,

Just wanted to implore you to sign up for the website and familiarize yourself with the game world and the people in it. I put a lot of effort into developing the majority of the pages and finding pictures for the rest of them. It would really put a smile on my face to know that (at least some of) you enjoyed/appreciated/looked at my work. A few direct messages to people.

Lou: I made a page for Verdegris, but I know virtually nothing about him, so I can't really elaborate on it without hijacking your character. If you have free time and want to kick me some info, that'd be fantastic (I can whip up a pretty kicking page given a few sentences of info - see Zeke's for example).

Jim: See above, but replace Verdegris with Valmiki.

Sarah: See above, but replace Verdegris with Julie.

Brian: I hope you don't get mortally offended by the fact that I wrote up a background for Zeke without running it by you first. I got inspired and I felt like you had given me enough information that I could write a few good, solid paragraphs on him. If you do, I'm exceedingly sorry and either I'll take the page down or you can do it yourself! (sometimes I forget I'm dealing with a wiki. ^_^)

Evan: I'd love to make a page/find a pic for your character, but I have no idea what he looks like or even what race he is (Steve didn't know either when I asked). Once you get that all sorted out, let me know. Then again, there's a better than even chance I'll be at the meeting if you elect to meet with our Fearless Leader in person, so I'll likely be aware anyways. :)

Bob: I changed up the formatting on Tarqlet's page a titsch. I'd like to think it was for the better, but I never can tell.

Bill: There's a thread in RP/Character Backgrounds titled "Mephista." You can read it here, and I suggest that you do.

Kwame: Not much to say here, just didn't want you to feel left out. ^_^

That's it for me! Jenn out.

P.S. If you don't like the picture I found for your character, let me know and I'll look for a new one for ya (I'm told I'm quite good at it). DeviantArt has mostly pictures of comely, well-endowed, half-naked females, so perhaps the guys should just be lucky they didn't end up with great… tracts of land.

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope that you all had a great holiday!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'd like to get back into gear, and I have some questions.

Lou, do you know yet if you'll be available Dec 3, 10, 17?

Evan, I'd like to know more about your character concept - why go with the classes you did, and just a general idea of the kind of character you're looking to play (for example). I'm fine with exchanging emails, but I have found that meeting in person to talk about this sort of topic usually produces better results. I don't know what your schedule is like this week before Thursday; I'm available tonight after 7 pm, tomorrow any time after 3 pm, and Wednesday after 7 pm, if you're interested in working on this in person.

Jim, did you give me a copy of Valmiki's character sheet (because if you did, I seem to have lost it).


At this time, I am going to insist on a charter. Jenn has typed up a charter which has been signed off on by a portion of the group; the full text of the charter can be found here:

If you want to append your name to the site, that's fine (joining wikidot is free); if not, I have printed copies that I'll be bringing with me on Thursday. Our first order of business on Thursday will be signing the charter (or altering and finalizing if people have issues with it as-is). I cannot stress this enough: I Will Not Run The Game Until A Charter Is Signed By Everyone Playing In The Game.

Once the charter is signed and any existing issues pertaining to the charter are resolved, I'll resume play in the dungeons of the Moathouse. I will be trying to finish up the Adventure Log on the wikidot site ( to bring the Log up to speed with the events of the last sessions.

The wiki also has updated character pages; Jenn and I (mostly Jenn) developed the pages, but they're available to be edited by site members so if anything is wrong you can either tell one of us or edit it yourself. ^_^

This message is replicated on the Fourms ( on the wiki, and I would prefer to move the bulk of our game-related correspondence to those forums if possible.



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