Very ferocious. Rawr.
Very ferocious. Rawr.

Boshtok was big for a hobgoblin. Even when he was only 2 years old he was big enough to wrestle and grapple with others that were years older than he, and usually win. He learned early that he could use this to his advantage, and started intimidating others in his clan so he could get extra food, clothes, toys and attention – all things he wanted.

However, it also became obvious that he had a problem with his vision. In fact it seemed that one of his eyes didn’t work right, always appearing as if it was looking a bit askew. This did add to the intimidation effect, as no one was absolutely sure if Boshtok was staring at him or her, or what was going on. But it did seem to affect his distance vision more than his close up sight, so while his archery seemed to suffer a bit, he was able to focus on close combat. In fact he became a very skilled swordsman,

Socially, he found himself set apart, as the other hobgoblins just couldn’t abide his odd eyes, and the strange visage it gave him. He often found himself alone, walking or sitting in the woods around his clan’s home. This time slowly gave him a feeling of ease in the wilds, almost becoming a reverence for nature, which was a bit opposed to the nonchalant destruction that most of his clan undertook. Not that a good rage didn’t feel right from time to time, but he thought perhaps some kind of cause was needed before destroying things or creatures.

Most things just got more extreme for Boshtok as he grew towards adulthood, including his patch of a birthmark, which seemed to change shape as he entered puberty. He interpreted the newly shaped mark on his thigh as resembling a pine tree (others thought maybe it was more of an arrow). This he took to reinforce his good feelings in the woods, but set him a bit further apart from his clan-mates. Life in the clan was just not quite right for Boshtok.

Thus, when the strange outsiders intruded into the clan’s homeland in his 15th year of life, Boshtok took a chance and asked his chief for release to accompany the outsiders on their trek through the outside world. The ever so slight hesitation by the chief as he looked around the clan leaders faces confirmed to Boshtok that the clan felt he was different than they, and they wouldn’t mind seeing him out of their daily exploits. So Boshtok left home, and threw his future in with a group that he barely knew. They didn’t seem to be so homogeneous as his clan, so maybe he wouldn’t be the odd one out all the time. Perhaps this could become a comfortable clan to be part of…

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