I'm sorry... who are you again? *chuckle*
I'm sorry… who are you again? *chuckle*

The archmage, now pushing eighty years old, has mostly settled in the city of Verbobonc. However, one does not reach that age without owing favors to several dozen people - many of whom he has outlived. One of these was Tinivias' grandfather, who managed to acquire several rare books on Alric's behalf. In return, the aged wizard came to the party in Rastor and teleported them back to his home.

Alric's mind has not dulled in over his many years of life, nor has his sense of humor. He successfully managed to trick the party - including his friend's grandson - into believing that he was a mere antiques enthusiast. He seems to have an affinity for nymph ladies and is intrigued by Tarquin's claim of fey descent.

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