Campaign Overview
The Town of Hommlet
The Town of Hommlet

Inspired by tales of the great deeds of Chester, and the Rest, new Heroes are spurred to action!

Having some degree of expertise in the field, possessing the determination and courage to venture forth in the name of Fame, Fortune, Glory, or Service, and spurred to action by the stories that seem to permeate the region of the great and mighty deeds of Chester, and the Rest, your fellowship and company has come together in dedication to Adventure!

More details will be available after I put everything together, now that I have a better idea of character origins, descriptions, and the manner in which people arrive at the point the adventure starts.

Also, take a look at the Reference Section. There, you can find some more helpful information about the campaign world. More will be added as the game progresses to reflect additional pertinent knowledge.

Included on this site is a copy of The Ten Minute Background for creating character backstory. (Original source)

Also, check out the wiki page for Characters!

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